Wealth Management for Elite Athletes

by | 10, Jan, 2023 | Business, News

As it is already known, there are many soccer players and elite sportsmen in general, who in parallel to their sporting career, opt for investment businesses that represent an alternative plan when their careers in different disciplines come to an end, and that generate high returns.

The favorite sector for these great figures is Real Estate and some examples are Leo Messi, Gerard Piqué or Cristiano Ronaldo, who opt for the investment and promotion of hotels. Others, such as Andrés Iniesta or Koke, opt for residential real estate.

In any case, sportsmen have very unique investment preferences in terms of location, timing, costs and profitability. At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, we are committed to the detailed knowledge of each area, relying on the most suitable professionals. For this reason, Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid has recently developed the Investment Department for Elite Athletes, led by professionals in the sector, who study the needs and interests of each athlete in each case and, together with the Investment Advisors of Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, determine which strategies and which assets are a good investment for each one.

In this way, we help athletes not to slow down their finances after finishing their period as sports stars, to obtain benefits and to diversify their sources of income.
Contact our team of professionals to find out what are the best investment options in the short and long term.

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