New real estate investment fund V Apex Real Estate

by | 19, Apr, 2023 | News

The companies Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid and Apex Capital have created V Apex Real Estate, a fund with an initial value of 18 million euros that will focus on the purchase of real estate assets throughout Spain.

In a context in which Real Estate does not stop its operations, despite all the circumstances that seem contrary to the sector, a new fund has emerged with the intention of carrying out new investments and acquisitions.

With a value of €18 million, the companies Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid and Apex Capital conceive a new Newco and create < b>V Apex Real Estate.

This new project and fund will focus on the purchase of assets throughout Spain, analyzing everything from already built properties to construction projects.

In fact, he has already made his first real estate purchases recently, specifically a batch of occupied flats in both Madrid and Toledo. “Since its acquisition, the pertinent legal procedures will be followed to be able to recover the properties as soon as possible and put them on the market with all the guarantees” explains Carlos Romero, one of the members of the fund and analyst for various Family Offices.

Both its founders and their teams of experts have the opportunity to analyze projects of interest in the real estate market on a weekly basis, segmenting them by investment areas, to carry out new acquisitions throughout the country Spanish, carrying out a feasibility examination of each asset.

With the target set in the residential and tertiary sectors, V Apex Real Estate plans to end 2023 with at least 3 more purchase operations, and continue to grow in 2024. “The total budget is €18 million but, as asset purchase and sale operations are formalized, it is expected that it may increase” comments Romero.

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