New operation of the Retail Department in Goya

by | 29, May, 2023 | Business, News

Our Retail Department adds another new opening in the Salamanca neighborhood, Madrid, and that is that in recent weeks the entry of a new tenant for a restaurant that we had previously sold to one of our investors has been finalized.

As we usually proceed in this type of operation, a sale is managed and a return adequate to the buyer’s expectations is guaranteed. We not only take profitability into account, but also some conditions in the contract that give security to both the landlord and the tenant, as well as the quality of the tenant and the best guarantees.

Why are operations of these characteristics key in our company? Because they are a perfect portrait of what we do: make our clients’ assets a profitable and reliable source of income. May it become a good asset now and may it retain interest for the market in the future, if you want to divest.

For those investors who are interested in acquiring premises, at Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, we are leaders. Yes, what you want to do is give value to a place that you already have in your portfolio, we take care of the repositioning both with Project Management and with the search for a profitable tenant, to keep this asset offering good profitability to owners, such as for future strategic divestment.

Contact us through our forms and we will advise you on how we can help you.

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