We turn your premises into a home

by | 14, May, 2020 | Business

As we know, with Covid-19 everything has changed. Our way of working, of interacting and our perspective above all. This global pandemic has been the trigger for a multitude of changes, some of them very positive and others not so much.

The big ones affected by Covid-19 are SMEs. It is common to walk and see businesses in our streets with their blinds permanently down, something that worries business owners, who have found a solution in online sales platforms, and also owners of these premiseslooking for an alternative. For the latter, at Asset Management Spain we have the solution.

Experts predict that up to 40% of commercial premises could remain empty. Carlos Romero, the CEO of our company, signs it and points out that not all businesses can survive this crisis that has been a setback for small businesses.

The alternative for these premises? Give them a second life by converting them into homes. Our company has an architecture department that is in charge of this type of works and projects. Convert your premises into a home and give your investments another chance.

The most valued premises for this type of projection are those that have a high proportion of facade in relation to their surface area in order to get more construction possibilities and the maximum square meters.

It is an infallible solution for local owners and is also a good option for singles, couples without children and people with reduced mobility who want to find a home in a good location at a cheaper price.

At Asset Management Spain we take care of the entire project, including bureaucratic processes and changing the license from commercial to residential use. If you have a local of 25 m2 or more and you are interested in this type of work, contact us through our contact form and inquire. We advise you in the best way at the hands of the best professionals.

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