The time has come to start the Strategy of your Own Business

by | 14, Dec, 2022 | Business, Work team

In recent years, our company has experienced a development and evolution of its services as a consequence of the real demand of its clients.

The backbone of Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, as is known, is Real Estate and Corporate, but it increasingly has more professionals from different sectors that complement these investment and real estate management services to provide 360º coverage to this service so required.

The latest addition has been the current Director of Five Wolves, Nacho Pons, whose skill in the business sector has allowed him to develop strategies for well-known projects such as Las Rozas Village, Parque Corredor, Crepes and Wafles, or take over the address of the Parquesur Shopping Center.

Hand in hand with Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, Pons arrives to cover the interest in creating the development and start-up of businesses from scratch; as well as the approach and renewal of brand expansion strategies, market studies, feasibility plans and advice on opening franchises and brands, an increasingly popular branch.

Thus, our team grows by optimizing the customer experience and offering tools to investors who already have a long history behind them, and who are entering the world of investment, with this strategic business advice. At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we believe that offering a comprehensive service is to guarantee the success of all our clients’ business areas, and their success is our best guarantee as a company.

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