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The added valueoffered by our company is undoubtedly the human factor:our team. The staff is made up of thebest professionals in the sectorr who they know the market, and in addition, they have a sense of smell that makes them unique. Know the ten keys to the success of your operations.


  1. We enjoy what we do


It seems like a cliché, a motivational phrase, but the truth is that “Love what you do and do what you love” is the basis for good work, and therefore good results.

Our professionals do not think -only- of economic benefits, they do not think of selling or renting. Our team knows the product, gets excited and fantasizes about it. You have to know how to enjoy Real Estate if you want to guarantee successful operations. This is an exciting sector to work in, to meet people, travel, learn about laws and regulations, discover market trends, decorative currents and much more.

There are many factors that we find in our day to day that we can nourish and surprise ourselves with, and if we know how to take advantage of the opportunity, we can soak up those experiences and squeeze them for our benefit.


  1. We know how to listen


How to be successful in an operation? Getting exactly what our client wants to achieve, and the only way to get it right is knowing precisely what they are looking for.

For this you need to listen. Our professionals know it and practice it every day with all the clients and demands that we have. While it is possible that sometimes we have a different opinion, that we would use a different strategy, or that what they are looking for is very confusing; we must listen, know in depth the intentions of our interlocutor and in any case, advise.

Each demand has different circumstances and we must be clear about the final objective of those who come to us in order to carry out their purposes in the best way, as they had imagined and also in the shortest possible time.

Listening is knowing what the end is, knowing that goal is time and efficiency.


  1. We set ourselves goals


We are not a company that works by objectives, each of our clients’ proposals is an objective to be met. The Asset Management Spain team is very committed to our portfolio of investors, owners and operators, setting their own goals so as not to let them down.

One of the keys to success is the self-demand and perfectionism behind each of our experts.


  1. We have decision-making power


As we always say, and as we have repeated in the introduction to this article, our greatest virtue is the people who work with us. Each of the members of the staff stands out in their field in an outstanding way.

Therefore, each one decides what he wants to do and how he should carry out the different operations, and the rest of us support him. The personal criteria and nose of our advisors is something that is not learned with books, but with experience and intuition.

Would it be too much to say that they are geniuses? The fact is that we make our own decisions following the judgment of each one on each occasion, and they are always right.

Less rules and more instinct.


  1. Curiosity


Curiosity killed the cat, however it led the wealth manager to victory. Every week there are talks, courses and events, both digital and face-to-face, and we cannot help but attend or sign up for as many as possible.

Every day presents opportunities to form ourselves. If we don’t have course offers, we have internet.

If you want to achieve success and stand out, do not hesitate, find out and learn. It is the only way to stay one step ahead and always be at the forefront.


  1. Time optimization


Before, during and after each operation we take advantage of every minute. Opportunities come and go, and we can’t waste time. We analyze, consider and make proposals every time a good opportunity arises.

This is allowed by the ordered work structure. It is essential to have well planned the tasks that we carry out every day: exchange of mails, pending calls, calls that may arise, visiting hours, information and research about the product, meeting schedule… and also knowing how to take advantage of the time when we live, where the majority of customers and suppliers are comfortable with technology. If there is no time for a meeting in which we have to travel, we do not postpone it, we transfer it to digital format.

Time is a toolyou have to know how to drive.


  1. The market rules


How to stand out in a sector without knowing the market? Key number seven to the success of our team: follow the guidelines set by the market.

Every day we talk to other professionals, exchange information, look for reports, read press releases and take advantage of the press. And depending on the behavior of the market, we advise and operate. That is why our projects stand out, because there is a knowledge of where each step we take will lead.


  1. Company support


We are all the company and the resources we have, too. If we need the help of lawyers, vendors, architects, commercials, managers, advertisers or builders… we count on them, regardless of the department we belong to. It is an unwritten law that supports our professionals in every moment of doubt.

Many times one alone is not enough, but only the exchange of ideas between the team can be very fruitful.


  1. Golden Rule


Do you know what the Golden Rule is, or in Spanish, Regla de Oro? It is what we have heard a thousand times: “Treat others as you would want them to treat you”. And we apply it to our work, looking for investment opportunities as if the capital were ours. We do the procedures as if they were our own, that is one of the characteristics that our clients like the most about us.

No matter the magnitude of the operations, a simple rental has to be a good operation; If a client has a place to rent, we look for the best possible tenant, to obtain the best profitability, but also the best quality, the fewest problems and the best conditions that can be offered. If the case were the opposite and our client were looking for a place, it would be the same procedure, acting as if we were looking for the place for our own business. The most functional, operational, with good properties and also at a good price.

This is important and for this reason it is known as the Golden Rule.


  1. After success there is no calm


Close the best trades and follow up. At Asset Management Spain we continue in contact with clients after closing important operations and they value it, and that is why they come back to us. The relationship goes beyond business, our professionals generate trust.

Success is only followed by more success that is fueled by attitude, interest and connection with the people who have pushed us towards our achievements, such as clients.

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