Our Student Residences

by | 6, May, 2020 | Business

One of the investment opportunities that represents a source of capital for our clients are the Residences Students. At Asset Management Spain we also manage this type of asset, which investors from all over Europe have recently noticed.

Given the great demand, it is expected that from 2020 to 2022 there will be a large number of constructions and openings of these Student Centers. The Student Residences are known as the “new boom”, even relevant media such as El Confidencial have cataloged them as “The Most Profitable Fever in the Real Estate Sector”, and it is not for less.

At Asset Management Spain we work both with investors and with the main operating brands that are looking for one of these projects. What has made the Student Residences the most desired asset? Probably, the fact that has most influenced this process is that Spain has become for years the preferred destination for Erasmus students. Another factor is the wide range of top-quality courses, master’s degrees and education in general in our country, which is also the choice of students from all over the world.

The return that this type of asset presents is usually alsovery high. The English market was a pioneer in this type of investment, having carried out large real estate operations since 2014, with transactions in that year worth 2,950 million euros. The rest of the European countries have followed suit and have focused on the four leading cities, the ones preferred by students: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville.

The Student Residences are undoubtedly the segment with the most projection and that promise very good returns. Talk to our professionals at Asset Management Spain and find out about the investment opportunities that we can offer you.

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