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Another of the assets that we have and offer to our investors are the industrial buildings. In our portfolio of assets we find both Industrial Warehouses and Logistics Warehouses. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting sectors for the investor.

As we were saying, the industrial sector is one of the most interesting, and this is precisely because it is also one of the least popular. Unlike other European countries, in Spain it is not yet very exploited, so we can find great opportunities much more easily, very exclusive and much more interesting in terms of profitability than in the case of other assets .

In fact, according to the Bank of Spain, in 2017 a report was presented in which the returns that some assets presented were discussed, among them, the Industrial Warehouses and Logistics Warehouses >. In this case, the gross return that was being discussed was greater than 7%. A very succulent investment opportunity and that we present to our clients every time we have an opportunity, since many times the option of investing in this type of asset is not contemplated, being so desirable.

Both Industrial Warehouses and Logistics Warehouses or Logistics Centers are dedicated to the storage of products and materials, although the truth is that the Industrial Warehouses fulfill other functions beyond storage.

A Logistics Center or Logistics Warehouse serves as a distribution structure, while an Industrial Warehouse can accommodate the entire own industry , including storage and transportation. That is why Industrial Warehouses usually have a larger size and surface area than Logistics Centers.

An Industrial Warehouse includes Administrative Buildings, Productive Activities Area, Warehouses, Merchandise Loading and Unloading Platforms, Exhibition and Sales Areas, Parking Areas, Perimeter Zone, Waste Collection and Treatment Area.

A Logistics Center or Logistics Warehouse is characterized by being a series of buildings that occupy the distribution of industrial production, facilities equipped and conditioned to store materials, link between industry and consumers and improve the efficiency of distribution, reducing costs for the industry.

The most common investors for this type of asset are companies and large investorsspecialized in the industrial sector, who normally seek surfaces greater than 5,000 m2 . On the other hand, there are more and more individual investors who, due to their high returns, in which case the surface areas sought are more between 500 m2 and 1,000 m2.

As extra points, both one type of investor and the others value that these assets have parking, access for trucks and industrial vehicles. And we have them all.

In addition to Profitable Warehouses, if you bet on the purchase of Empty Warehouses we find the perfect tenant, to get a good deal.

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