Our Homes

by | 5, Mar, 2020 | Business

There are many investors who are looking for the acquisition of one or more homes among their assets, since it is an option that always works.

Among the homes that we find at Asset Management Spain we find both single-family homes, and flats, which we sell separately or in batches.

And what kind of homes are in demand? Of all kinds: both investors and individuals come to us every day with the idea of ​​buying a house, encompassing all types -chalet, townhouse, flat, studio…- to rehabilitate, completely reformed or in new construction buildings.

And then, the plans for these houses are very diverse. Some of our clients are looking for their ideal home, others a second home… On other occasions they are looking for profitability in the future, so they look for flats or houses to rent managing the rental themselves, or even looking for homes that are already profitable managed by an external operator.

We find homes in the center of the capitals and in the periphery, the favorite cities are Madrid and Valencia. Also the municipalities around Madrid and others on the coast. Preferences are very subjective according to each investor.

Depending on the needs of the investor, at Asset Management Spain, we carry out a preliminary study of the area where the property can be acquired and we assess the possibilities it has. Knowing the market and visiting the home is essential when it comes to being aware that we are optimizing the purchase price.

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