A luxury project in Ibiza in search of a Hotel Operator

by | 18, Jun, 2020 | News

At Asset Management Spain we have become fully involved -once again- in a unique project on the White Island, Ibiza.

The enclave of our project is located in Santa Eulalia, one of the most valued areas for national and international family tourism. If Ibizans agree on something, it is that Santa Eulalia is one of the quietest and best preserved municipalities on the entire island.

The project consists of a high-end hotel with a 4 Stars rating of more than 5,000 m2 built and 160 rooms that guarantee the comfort of your guests.

In it we have included parking, a large spa, swimming pool, design facilities and the services of a luxury hotel. In addition, the short distance to the sea -only 5 minutes from the nearest beach– makes this proposal a most attractive approach.

Sounds good, right? Well, if you dedicate yourself to hotel management, pay attention because for this hotel we are looking for an operator who is in charge of managing the hotel channels, carrying out management tasks and promoting tourism development.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any hotel brand. Ibiza never stops reinventing itself and continues to be the leading destination for international tourism. This means that while in other places prices vary more, in Ibiza every year demand is generated in the hotel sector, and it no longer only in the summer period, but also the rest of the year; which guarantees constant performance.

To find out more, write to us at Asset Management Spain using the form below and we will inform you about everything you need to know to be the next management director. of this fantastic hotel.

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