The UMAI Group arrives in Madrid and we help them find their first location

by | 23, Aug, 2022 | Business, News

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid We are in luck, and we have just closed the entry The UMAI Group, specialized in oriental food, in an extraordinary venue, in the prestigious Calle Jorge Juan, specifically in Callejón de Puigcerdá, a benchmark for luxury hotels in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca.
To date, he had Cinco Jotas as a former tenant. Elena Valares Chamorro, from Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, and Gonzalo del Corral, also from Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, have been fundamental in closing the operation, which was very tough as it was an exit through the previous operator and entry of the new brand, with the corresponding negotiation by the property as a third party of the closing.

We can only congratulate UMAI Group, which with this new opening will make the leap to Madrid, in the Salamanca district, the most demanded area in Spain for restaurants.

Carlos Romero, CEO of our company, says: “Proud of the good work of the team, since getting a place in this location is not an easy task, given the aggressive demand in position itself in the area and the great current competitors for it. Spain is a world reference in tourism and gastronomy. On the other hand, restoration in Madrid continues to rise to unexpected levels. I hope that our Chefs continue to be the best in the world and we help them to continue like this”.

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