Management of the sale and rental of car parks, garages and parking spaces with high returns.

Parkings and Garages

The most popular investment

One of the most common investments for years has been Parkings and Garages. At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we know this type of demand and that is why our experts are at the forefront to advise investors interested in their operations with car parks and garages and find the best asset for them.

High returns

Investing in garages, car parks or parking spaces is a recurring option for many reasons, mainly profitability, since normally investing in this type of asset provides a return of more than 6%.

Most profitable cities

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Vigo
  • Palma Majorca
  • Seville

Investment strengths

  • Flexible investment for all types of budgets
  • Immediate or very short-term profitability
  • Easy divestment
  • Does not lead to problems with tenants
  • Low maintenance



Types of assets

  • Parking spaces by units
  • Full garages

How do we act?

  • Purchase and sale of profitable garages
  • Purchase and sale of parking spaces by units
  • Search for operator for car parks



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