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Complete advice for our clients

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have been providing advice with a high level of service, quality, closeness and commitment to our multidisciplinary team made up of professionals for more than 30 years.

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• Maximum quality of service
• Budget in 24h
• The best professionals
• More than 30 years of experience
• Team with more than 20 lawyers

Money Laundering Prevention

Tax Law

Commercial law

Real Estate Law

Procedural Law

Administrative Law

Labor Law

Town Planning Law

Subject matter experts

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have a group of experts in money laundering prevention.

We know the importance of transparency and legality in any operation and we work to guarantee it.

Preventive Advice

Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid offers advice on the prevention of money laundering on a one-off basis or during a project.
For all this, we offer customized solutions so that your company complies with money laundering prevention regulations and can focus on its business objectives.


In the tax law department of Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have lawyers who are experts in the prosecution service and are dedicated to providing tax advice to companies on all their accounting and tax obligations. We also advise individuals planning their personal assets and looking for the most optimal solutions that adapt to each specific case in order to reduce their tax cost.
At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we advise our clients, whether they are companies or individuals, before any tax collection, management and inspection procedure.

Service coverage

  • Advice on tax matters
  • Valuation in linked operations and transfers
  • Management, collection, penalty and tax inspection procedures
  • Proceedings of patrimonial responsibility of the State
  • Foreign trade and Indirect Taxation and Customs planning
  • Challenge cadastral valuations
  • Application of taxes, with observation of non-subject operations
  • Taxes applicable in spin-offs, mergers, restructurings
  • Due diligence processes
  • Application of taxes on donations and inheritances
  • Tax crime
  • Tax inspection
  • VAT or fiscal transmissions


At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we offer you the best lawyers in commercial matters, who will work with you professionally, efficiently and effectively to obtain the best results.
At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid commercial law is an part of our professional practice which consists of advising in the field of mergers and acquisitions, including operations of:

  • Business acquisition and disposal
  • Business restructuring operations
  • Investment agreements
  • Partner Agreements

Advice and conflict resolution

  • Constitution of companies and/or companies
  • Drafting of commercial contracts
  • Breach of contract
  • Defaults and Insolvencies
  • Intellectual and industrial property (trademarks)
  • Corporate operations
  • Administration consultancy
  • Family protocols
  • Sale and acquisition of shares
  • Company Valuations

Comprehensive real estate advice

Are you interested in investing in Spain? Do you want to buy a property for investment and need help with administrative procedures?
In our department of Real Estate Lawyers we have the best team made up of professionals of recognized prestige in the legal field willing to advise all our clients in a personalized way .
When it comes to litigation or advice related to property, we can effectively intervene in any of these jurisdictions. Our professionalization of all possible legal matters related to real estate makes a comprehensive and efficient management possible. In our department we promote the process of urban and tourist renewal and restoration, as well as actions on property rights. We also have experience in the management of cooperatives and owners’ committees.
That is why it is in charge of supervising real estate transactions between individuals and with public administrations.

Purchase and sale operations

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we offer a comprehensive service for real estate investors. We help and advise in all real estate procedures.

For our team, your safety is the backbone of our work. We will take care of formulating the best legal strategy to defend your interests and strengthen your legal certainty at all stages of the judicial process.

Real estate lawyers

Experts in setting up and managing real estate complexes for shopping malls/parks, homeowners associations, etc.

Advice on all types of real estate transactions such as transfers and acquisitions of property and real rights over private or public real estate, leases, sale & lease back, construction contracts, engineering, project management, transfers of urban development.

Highly qualified

We have a team specialized in procedural law that is complemented by a personalized and permanent system, providing our clients with information on the status of their files on a regular basis.

Service coverage

  • Civil Procedure Law
  • Criminal Procedural Law
  • Administrative Procedural Law
  • Social Procedural Law

Extensive knowledge

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have a team of professionals in Administrative Law. With the aim of providing a trustworthy legal service capable of providing services, regardless of what administrative procedures the clients are involved in. We offer high quality legal advice and assistance to public sector entities, private companies and individuals in internal operations.

Services Coverage

  • Application for authorizations, administrative permits and public subsidies
  • Presentation of property claims
  • Legal assistance in administrative procedures
  • Preparation of reports and opinions
  • Personalized advice

Decision Optimization

Our cooperation allows the use of business decisions that optimize and promote the daily management of human resources, through permanent and active contact, and help in a practical way to immediately solve the problems that arise on a day-to-day basis of the business.
This objective is achieved by assigning a professional team that deeply understands the business reality of each client, adapts to it and maintains a fluid and permanent connection based on availability, professionalism and trust.< /p>

We help you

  • Disabilities
  • Layoffs
  • Quantity Claims
  • Sanctions
  • Employment regulation
  • Pensions and Retirement
  • ERTE
  • Termination of the voluntary contract
  • Labor court proceedings

Urban Issues

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we have an urban planning legal department. Our goal is that our clients always obtain answers that satisfy their urban needs. We will carefully study your proposal and evaluate its feasibility according to the municipal agreement of each city, managing the processing of the necessary permits. Our team always offers our clients direct and personalized treatments.

Services Coverage

  • Land qualification
  • Urban legality protection files
  • Closure Orders
  • Sanctions
  • Denial of Licenses
  • Expropriations
  • Demolition orders
  • Processing of urban authorizations and licenses
  • Urban planning agreements: negotiation, drafting and processing of agreements.

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