Industrial building

Great investment opportunities in Logistics Centers and Industrial Warehouses.

Industrial Warehouses and Logistics Warehouses

The booming Industrial Sector

The industrial sector is one of the most interesting. Unlike other European countries, in Spain it is not yet very exploited, so we can find great opportunities much more easily, very exclusive and much more profitable than other assets.

More than storage

A Logistics Center or Logistics Warehouse serves as a distribution structure, while an Industrial Warehouse can house the entire industry, including storage and transportation. That is why Industrial Warehouses usually have a larger size and surface area than Logistics Centers. An Industrial Building includes Administrative Buildings, Productive Activities Area, Warehouses, Merchandise Loading and Unloading Platforms, Exhibition and Sales Areas, Parking Areas, Perimeter Zone, Waste Collection and Treatment Area.
In Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid you will find all kinds of assets that will cover your needs and those of your company.


  • Companies
  • Large investors
  • Equity investors

What do we offer?

  • Surfaces greater than 5,000 m²
  • High returns
  • Strategic locations



Bonus points

  • Warehouses with parking
  • Warehouses with access for trucks and industrial vehicles

Types of operations

  • Development of projects on industrial land
  • Empty Ships
  • Search for tenant
  • Buying and selling profitable warehouses



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