Gas stations

Development and sale of Gas Stations and Service Stations with high returns.

Gas Stations and Service Stations

A business on the rise

Investors have recently focused on gas stations and service stations, where they have found an attractive business. At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid we are aware of the latest developments and we have profitable Gas Stations and Service Stations to meet the needs of these investors.

Invest without risks

The national and international Investment Funds have seen in these assets a solution where they can invest without risk. The sector of gas stations and service stations has not stopped growing in the last four years in our country, regardless of the progress and uncertainty with electric cars. The only thing that can vary in this aspect is the CAPEX necessary to rehabilitate these stations, but it is still a safe investment bet without competition.

Profitability and safety

At Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid, we have observed that the profitability supported by this sector in Spain is higher than average, obtaining figures that undoubtedly provide great peace of mind to our investors.

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