Real estate outside the market price and analysis of its legal situation.

The alternative to traditional purchasing

More competitive prices

The purchase of a property is a weighty decision which requires having an exact idea of what we are looking for and of course the time and capital necessary for such a purchase. Asset Management Spain Gestmadrid gives you the option to get properties out of the market price in the purchase of assets in auctions throughout the Spanish geography and in addition, we are the ones who manage and negotiate the entire process for you.

We bid for you

Auctions are an alternative that requires experience and knowledge so we will bid on your behalf.

In addition to the advice and management of the purchase of the property, we also carry out a detailed analysis of the legal situation of the property, verifying the exact debt of the property to get it at the price of its real value.

Detailed Analysis

  • Search for auctions according to the parameters indicated
  • Examination of the situation of the property
  • Charges
  • Market valuation report

Management and Streamlining of Procedures

  • Award Approval Decrees
  • Visits to the auctioned property
  • Takeover
  • Registration in the Land Registry



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